Review: Pawtriotic Dog Treats

Last year, I noticed Wet Noses dog treats promoting a new treat company, Pawtriotics. If Facebook members liked the Pawtriotics page, the first 1,000 would receive a free box of treats.

Despite the page surpassing 1,000 “likes” I was starting to worry her treats were never going to show up, or I wasn’t one of the first 1,000, but they arrived last month! Nova was very excited and interested in the treats, but I knew she would be ecstatic when I saw she had gotten peanut butter treats.

Like Wet Noses, they are made in the U.S. using quality ingredients (so glad to have another treat I can feed her without worrying) and are corn, soy and wheat free. Baking in small batches ensure consistently yummy treats. Plus, some of the proceeds go to helping animals in need and the company encourages owners to send in photos and original artwork of dogs that could be featured on the boxes.

The treats come in four flavors: apple pie, pumpkin pie, peanut butter and cranberry. I wasn’t sure which flavor Nova would get, but I knew she would gladly eat any of them.

more cookies!

What a face…Certainly shows off her intense “strong eye” common in herding breeds

I know what you’re thinking, that is a crazy huge photo, but I wanted Nova’s “I only got a few, I’m starving and I should have more” face very easy to see, making it clear they were a hit (and yes, I gave her another one. How could you deny such a sweet face??). I shared them with my other two dogs during my last trip to Minnesota and even their super picky tastebuds enjoyed them.

I highly recommend buying a box (or four!) for your dog. Pawtriotics is slowly being sold around the country, but at the moment, it seems like L.A. is the easiest place to find them at local pet stores and many Costco locations. You can also ask your local store to consider carrying them, or you can call Pawtriotics directly at (360) 794-190. Each box is $4.99 and there is a flat $5.00 shipping  anywhere in the continental U.S..