Happy Birthday Nova!

Yesterday, Nova said goodbye to her puppyhood and celebrated her first birthday. Like other parents, I wish I could keep her that way forever, but it is nice she’s old enough to be more “free” in the house without me watching over her every single second and to see her more adult coat coming in. I will certainly miss some things though, like her puppy breath (it sounds crazy, I know, but dog parents know what I’m talking about) and her chubby, all ears body.

Since it was her special day, we bought a few decorations and of course, I had to take some pictures. Gonna be honest, I’m quite impressed since I was taking these pictures alone that I was able to get one of her wearing that hat that wasn’t some blurry blob.

nova table banner







I thought she needed to look her best, which gave me a chance to try her new sweater on her. I will confess, the sole reason I bought it is because the model dog was also a Corgi and it looked soooo cute, I was sold that Nova would look equally cute. It was also a good way to see how she would tolerate something other than a jacket, giving me hope I could dress her up for Halloween. 

And since she was looking so spiffy, I thought it was the perfect time for a group picture!

nova bday shot

Nova’s favorite bits of her birthday were definitely food related (although it also snowed and she loved romping around in it). Instead of her usual dry dog food, she got some Grandma Lucy’s for breakfast and some lean ground beef (which meant some for me as well–yaaay) with rice for dinner. But the highlight: finally getting another carrot peanut butter cupcake I had made a few weeks before. This time, I cored the cupcake and filled it with crunchy peanut butter, then frosted it with a mix of peanut butter and honey, garnished with an apple heart.

Unlike the last cupcake, eaten so daintily, she inhaled this one. The apple heart was the last thing to be eaten, and I suppose I can’t blame her on that….She also got a small box coarboard filled with some of her favorite things: homemade turkey cookies, some leftover paper towel tubes filled with small treats and a new toy. She decided to eat all the goodies, then shredded the paper towel tubes and finally the box (the cheapest toy evvvver). She ignored the toy for a few hours then rediscovered it, and is happily squeaking it to death by the patio window.

Nova has changed quite a bit as she’s gotten older, both in size and maturity. It’s been fun to watch her understand more of what’s expected of her and look at some things, including toys she’s had since she was a baby in a different light. I can’t wait to see what kind of things she’ll learn, as well as how much mischief she will get into over the next year!