Happy Birthday Nova!

Winter here in Minnesota seems to last forever and this year is no exception. After being cooped up inside for weeks, you’re fairly certain time slows down and it’s very easy to lose track of time. Thankfully my phone has my back and reminded me Nova’s birthday was Friday so I had time to get things organized.

Her first birthday was pretty simple so I’d hoped to do a bit more this year, but moving back home made it a bit challenging. I also wanted to make it as fun as possible because she had a serious case of cabin fever. Nova managed to cut the underside of her paw, restricting her movements as well as having to keep her paw dry every time we were outside. On the plus side, winter here has been too insanely bitter to make outdoor playing virtually impossible. She’s been cooped up for about four weeks (or to those of us who have active dogs, it really feels like 40) and I wasn’t sure how to let her be active inside while not scaring the other two dogs in the house who are less than pleased with her happy and sometimes overly friendly attitude.

To my delight, winter cut me a break, and gave Nova the best birthday gift evvvvvvver: not only was it reasonable enough to let her go outdoors and play, we got about five inches of fresh snow. I’m quite aware just how much she loves snow, but until I watched her today barrel through snow drifts taller than her, I began to suspect she might be a Corgi version of Naga, the polar bear dog from The Legend of Korra….




Nova also got a box of goodies from my ex boyfriend. Like most dogs, the box itself was the “fun” part of the gift, at least until she discovered the jolly ball and treats inside.




All the pups get a special dinner for their birthday and Nova’s was probably the easiest I’ve ever done: a mix of Fromm salmon wet food, slightly crushed Fromm dry food and about a teaspoon or two of prepared Honest Kitchen ice pups mix as a binder (I froze the rest into ice cube trays for summer). I topped it off with some leftover cooked pasta and cut a bit of carrot to make her candles and the sprinkles around the plate. Everyone gets a bit of real cake as well, regardless if it’s a person or puppy birthday. I tried to get the super cute planned picture of her eating cake, but my camera isn’t fast enough for her Corgi appetite, but the photos I did get were more “her.”