Homemade Cheddar Crackers

My boyfriend’s workplace does a food day every month to celebrate birthdays (not to mention who doesn’t love free food?). The theme changes quite often, but there have been some recurring favorites (including Mexican, breakfast foods and Italian), and it’s been pretty fun to think up a food that matches the theme. I tend to do desserts because they’re the most fun for me to make, and they are often more time consuming so most people opt for something easier, and usually store bought. The only drawback is I send everything with him and don’t get to taste what I’ve made (which can be quite scary if it’s something I’ve never made before!). It’s pretty rare he brings any leftovers home, which is a great compliment because it means it was tasty.

The May birthday celebraters chose seafood as their theme. I instantly thought about some cute sea-inspired cupcakes I’d seen and then remembered the majority of his coworkers are on a diet so I did some rethinking. I settled on crackers and a dip, but both would be homemade. I had seen a recipe for homemade goldfish crackers on Pinterest (horribly addicting–if you’re a Pinner, you know what I’m taking about!) and thought they’d be fun to make. I had Mike add “us” to the sign up sheet, bought the ingredients and was ready to go!

Well….as it turned out, he was actually off on food day and I was kinda sad I wouldn’t be able to share my cute crackers with everyone, but decided since I had already bought all the stuff, including some very cute cookie cutters, I would make them for the two of us to enjoy.

The ingredients are very simple: some salt, flour, butter, a little water and lots of sharp cheddar cheese.You dump it all into a food processor, pulse it until it forms a dough, dump it out on some plastic wrap, chill for 20 minutes, roll it out, cut out our shapes and pop them into an oven for about 15 minutes.

Since my crackers were meant to be dipped, making small,  goldfish-sized crackers wasn’t what I wanted so I bought some cookie cutters that were about 2 inches. My boyfriend found a shark cookie cutter and decided that would be a fun alternative to small goldfish. I did manage to find a cute, small fish cutter just in case my larger crackers failed. I also discovered the thinner you roll out your dough, the crispier the crackers will be. Once baked, mine were all sorts of shapes and sizes, but I felt it added to their homemade charm. If you really wanted a uniform thickness you could run the dough through a pasta maker.

The larger crackers were a success, and didn’t even need extra baking time. They seemed sturdy enough to hold a dip, too (I decided to skip the dip since two of us have a hard time finishing it up). They were a lot quicker to cut out than the small fish, but you’d probably have to double the recipe in order to get enough for a party. These were so easy and so tasty, I can’t wait to make another batch, as well as try out some other recipes for crackers.


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