Cookie Treats for Nova

Now that we have our precious, very enthusiastic for life puppy, Nova, I’ve temporarily stopped making goodies for us and instead am making treats for her.

Nova is pretty food oriented and since she’s a corgi, it is very easy for her to become fat quickly and because of this, Nova is restricted on the people food she can have.

Since the weather has been more like summer than spring, I wanted to find something frozen for her to enjoy. Plus, she’s teething so I knew it’d feel good on her gums. I browsed the web and found lots of ideas, but one from the Best Bully Stick website seemed like it could easily be altered to fit her tastes and moods. I had all the ingredients on hand: plain yogurt, unsweetened applesauce, peanut butter and honey.

Nova tasting the unfrozen mix

I did add a fourth of a banana to the mixture for extra yumminess. You can freeze the mixture in an ice cube tray (handy if you have a little dog) or in plastic cups. I did two larger ones in the now-empty yogurt cups, but since I couldn’t find our ice cube tray, I put dollops on a piece of wax paper and stuck the tray in the freezer.

Nova had a tough time waiting for her treats to freeze (she has learned that the big, tall, black box thing is the keeper of her water and other tasty bits), so when I went back to check on them, she quickly reminded me of her good manners and sat down. The moment of truth:

Nova loved them! She actually spent time enjoying it instead of gulping it down.

“Why is my bowl empty?”

I found the dolloped ones froze more evenly and were easier to store in our freezer. I think when I make them again, I’ll try to pipe them into neater shapes and I’m sure my fuzzy taste tester will love “helping” me decide what other flavors to make.

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Jereme's Kitchen
    May 15, 2012 @ 10:19:07

    your puppy is so cute!


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