Revenge of the Fifth, AKA Mini Pies Update

As you may recall from yesterday’s geek-filled post, I finally decided to try out the Breville mini pie maker I bought as a birthday gift to myself and make Star Wars-themed pies in honor of May 4, or May the Fourth be With You Day.

Being the first time I’ve used the pie maker, I was nervous. Especially since I was going to be fancy and not do a full crust on top, but instead use cut outs in Star Wars shapes.

I made my dough and filling from scratch. I know it’s more work, but my philosophy on baked goods, if it’s made from scratch, it’ll taste better and a little more effort isn’t that big of a deal. I did a double preheat for the machine like the instructions suggested, rolled out my dough and cut out the bottom crusts and toppers. Trying to put the bottom crust in, press it in with the mold, measure out the filling and top them was tricky to do quickly. Next time I’ll have everything arranged and ready to go. I closed the lid, set the timer and waited.

Alas, my first batch didn’t turn out well. The dough was a bit too thick, leaving undone spots in some areas but really burned in others and the filling was a little too runny so it leaked out and burnt in spots. I tossed them, got out the second batch of dough I’d made (phew!) remade the filling and tried again.

The second time definitely went better, but there were still some flaws. I added more filling, but without a full top crust, some of the apples burned in spots and my cut outs didn’t get very brown because they didn’t really connect with the top plates.


Overall though, I think they were pretty successful. Kinda bummed the images of the characters didn’t show up too well. Maybe I need to brush them with butter or colored sugars to help them stand out. The crust was cooked much more evenly and even though they weren’t super golden brown, the toppers were cooked through.



I ended up eating the Darth Vader pie; it looked fairly burned on the edges, but it turned out it was just filled too full and the syrup from the filling turned to caramel.

It will take some more tweaking and experimentation, but I’m pleased I bought the machine. It was fun and easy to make them and very nice to know I won’t be throwing away most of a pie. Next time I will probably try ones with a full top crust, or ones without any top crust at all.

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