A Geeky Post on a Geeky Day

Happy May the Fourth Be With You Day (or Star Wars Day as some call it). I’m not sure who came up with the holiday, but I’ve happily celebrated it for the past few years (quite a few past years!). I mean, who doesn’t love an excuse to enjoy some Star Wars?

I always mean to do something fun and edible to celebrate the day, but I always forget. This year, I’m on top of things! I’m finally putting my mini pie maker to use and making mini Star Wars pies. Kudos to the awesome “Heroes & Villians” Star Wars cookie cutters I got from Williams-Sonoma earlier for helping me out. I will definitely be using my Stormtrooper spatula, too. For the record, my boyfriend is the bigger lover of Star Wars than I am; I just couldn’t resist the fun kitchen-themed goodies. I will definitely post pictures of them tomorrow (pie crust and filling are still cooling down in the fridge).

Today could also be called Avengers Day. The Avengers finally came out in theatres today and it is definitely worth seeing. We ended up going to the midnight showing (yup, we’re those people) and I’m so glad we did–even if we didn’t get home until 3 a.m. and got about four hours of sleep. Totally worth it! If any of you have been to midnight showings of popular movies, you know how unfun the waiting can be. We waited from about 9:45ish until 12:01 a.m.. At least some of our movie going mates were sorta entertaining. Very fun to listen to others chat about the movie, the characters and other assorted geekery.

I won’t spoil anything in the movie for those who haven’t seen it, but it didn’t disappoint, especially if you follow the comics/characters. It was so fun to see Rogers, Stark, Banner, Thor, Barton and Romanoff hanging out under Nick Fury’s ‘guidance’ (and really, who doesn’t love Samuel L. Jackson?) beating up the bad guys. Speaking of bad guys…Wow. Very unattractive things. One of the versions of the species reminded me of a creeped out, weird mash up of a manatee/plesiosaurus/Alien. And who controls these….things is awesome. I won’t lie, I totally let out a giddy squeak when _____ showed up. I was extra proud of myself that I even knew who it was; quite a few people had no idea or were totally wrong. Major huzzahs to Joss Whedon and co. for adding quite a few awesome nods to the comics for fans, too. And like all Marvel films, if you go, be sure to stay until the credits are fully over. Lots of people left too early and missed seeing the ultimate bad guy behind it all. And really, if you’ve sat there since maybe 8:30, 9 p.m. like some people had, pretty sure 10 extra minutes won’t kill you.

I’m going to end the geeky post with something old. As in nine months ago old. Back in September 2011, this awesome game, Gears of War 3 came out. I’ve never played the other ones, but the guy was pretty excited and got me super excited to see the magic. I did my homework and looked up a ton of backstory and info so I could be prepared and able to follow the plot. We were going over to our friend’s house for a weekend of Gears and I tend to bring baked goods. I was just going to bring cookies when my boyfriend casually said, “It’d be awesome if you could make Gear-themed cookies. Oh well.” I love a challenge. I love creativity. Obviously, I said “Okay, let’s do it!” We dashed off to a craft store and I bought some cookie cutters and spent the next day experimenting how to make the perfect gears. It sounds easy, but not all sugar cookie doughs hold their shape well enough, especially for a semi-complicated shape. I finally found a combination that worked and I’d be lying if I wasn’t super proud to bring them to the get together (bonus points for being “that awesome girlfriend” too!!). Granted, we got about four and a half dozen, which was waaaaaaay more than we needed, but they looked awesome, and we did manage to eat about three dozen of them. 

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