Welcome Home, Nova!!

For some, Friday the 13 means an unlucky day, but in our household, it was the luckiest day evvvvvvvver: we finally got our puppy, Nova.

Nova is a Pembroke Welsh Corgi, like Queen Elizabeth has. I’ve always wanted one because I love their cute little, happy, smiling faces. I have two other wonderful dogs back in Minnesota, a papillon (who is mine) and a havanese. I love them dearly, but they were so happy with my mom and aunt, and so attached to each other, I couldn’t bear to bring the papillon with me. Nova is named after the Marvel comic character. Sure, she isn’t a boy, but after pondering our list of other names, we thought it was such a neat name, it stuck. Also, she had a cute white  stripe and muzzle, which we kind of thought reminded us a bit of Nova’s trademark starburst on his helmet.

Since moving, I’ve missed having a puppy soooo much, and it got even worse when we puppysat for our good friends. After having her around my guy really saw how much I missed having one around and how fun it was to play with a puppy so we became more serious about getting one. A few months later and the rest is history. I meant to write this post the day after we got her, but every time I have time to do things while she’s napping, I either end up taking a nap, or doing other duties around the house. I must say we are VERY lucky: the first night we brought her home, she slept right through the night, and has continued to do so. She also plays so intensely, she wears herself out and will take quite a few naps during the day. And not just 15 minute naps, more like hour and a half (or more if we’d let her, I’m sure) naps.

Nova has done really well for being with us such a short time. I made her some potty bells and she’s actually gotten the hang of them; we’ve been accident-free for three days now! If she really has to go outside, she will violently attack them, as if to say “hurry up!” She has been teething like crazy; I’d forgotten just how sharp puppy teeth are! She’s a much more aggressive chewer than the two dogs I’ve had so it was a bit of a change and an adjustment to figure out when prime teething times occurred and what she was looking for to chew on. There are still the occasional mishaps where she misses and hits us, or is testing the boundaries, but she seems to like her toys much better than our things.

We are slowly learning some of her favorite things, as well:

  • Favorite toys: Mousey; Cracklephant; her fleece blanket; her food or a chewy
  • Favorite things to do while hanging out quietly: watch TV (specifically cartoons, British comedies or video games); get tummy rubs; roll over on her back and have a conversation with you before falling asleep
  • Favorite foods: peanut butter (we are avoiding table scraps at all costs so she doesn’t get fat!)
  • Quirks/traits: will eat/try to eat any leaf, stick, dandelion we pass in the yard; ignores any birds, squirrels, bunnies in the yard; chases every moth or butterfly she sees; will leap straight up in the air to pounce on a toy/piece of food and continue to entertain herself for at least 20 minutes at a time; has a cute spotted tummy and black spots on three of her four paws

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