Wrestlemania 28 Recap: Cookies!

Well, we had a great time with our friends on Sunday watching Wrestlemania 28. I was feeling kinda sad I didn’t post it late Sunday night or Monday, but when I saw The Miz and some others posting pictures from the event on Twitter this morning, I figured I was safe.

We went all fancy and made our own pizzas. this time instead of ordering some. Much yummier and everyone got what they wanted (hooray for a Hawaiian!!!). And of course, there was dessert. The very soft sugar cookies I made were a huge hit, especially with my boyfriend who really only wants and likes soft cookies. I wasn’t so convinced I liked them until they were frosted because in my book, it’s not a sugar cookie without frosting!

To fit the Wrestlemania theme, I went with colors that matched the logo this year, and to be extra crafty, I made some representing each main event wrestler, The Rock and John Cena (as well as an ode to The Undertaker and Booker T and his love of the word “dawg”). These have extra significance because our friends are on opposite sides for their favorite. Sammy has been Team Cena since she caught his hat; Jon has never and will never be Team Cena, and has enjoyed The Rock for years. I’m also a fan of The Rock, and he ended up getting more cookies than Cena (but only by one).

The hand-shaped cookies I thought were an excellent added touch for Cena’s, and Sammy LOVED them. Well, not the “I hate Cena” one, that was for Jon.

I even made a special cookie for their puppy, Cuddles. I love her dearly and she’s always so happy to see us, I couldn’t resist making her a cookie all for her. That’s what Godparents/aunts do. Yup, that’s right, we’re Godparents and it’s pretty darn awesome being Aunt Alyssa to Cuddles.

The Rock did ultimately win, which made for three very happy people and one not-so-happy person, but overall we had a great time. We couldn’t believe how quick Sheamus won his match, though–18 seconds. Seriously, I went out to their kitchen to check the pizza; had I not peeked out through the doorway at that moment I would have missed the whole thing. Thank goodness I’m a speedy walker.

It was fun to see The Undertaker hit 20-0 with his match versus Tripe H and Shawn Michael as guest ref (I happily ate my “20-0” cookie when it was done). It was overly dramatic at times, but the lovely embrace between the three when it was done was touching. I can’t even imagine how much their bodies hurt after the chairs appeared, especially The Undertaker. He had some huuuuuuuge bruises appearing well before they finished.

Jon and I decided we wanted/needed jackets like Chris Jericho had; kudos to whoever makes them. They are fun and flashy and a perfect fit for wrestling.

I must admit my favorite part of the night was seeing clips of Edge from the Hall of Fame ceremony, semi teary-eyed and truly appreciating the moment. I enjoyed watching him throughout his career and was sad to see his neck injury forced him to retire, but I’m glad he was smart enough to realize he needed to stop. He deserved all the applause and love he got from fans that night; it seemed like a fitting final end to his wrestling career.

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