Spring Has Sprung…Early!

Here in the Midwest, specifically Nebraska, spring doesn’t hit until April if we’re lucky. This year, Mother Nature decided spring, if not certain aspects of summer, should start in the end of January. I kid you not, people were wearing shorts and out grilling from about February on, enjoying temperatures in the high 60s or even almost 90s.

The plants have also been enjoying the warm weather so everything started budding or blooming way ahead of schedule. Our daffodils have been up for about three or four weeks, and just last week our tulips started to bud and finally open. Last fall, I ordered a mix of Color Magic Tulips from Breck’s and we planted them in the backyard in front of our patio. I’d never heard of the variety, but I was so intrigued that they’d change colors as they matured so I was excited to see what colors they’d be and if they really did change as much as they claimed.

The catalog was not wrong. They are one of the neatest flowers I’ve seen! It seemed like every time I looked at them, whether it was a few hours later or the next day, they were a new color. It was like constantly having new flowers.

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I sent the pictures to my mom and aunt back home; they were equally impressed, commenting it looked like someone had gone out and painted them each day. I think we will have to buy another batch and put them in the front yard for the neighbors to enjoy.

Seeing all the bright colors reminded me of a trip my mom and I took to Holland’s famous Keukenhof Gardens. I was about three years old at the time, but I still remember the place vividly like I had been there recently. I’ve always loved color in any form, and seeing fields and fields of brightly colored flowers and getting to walk around (or through them in some cases) was so much fun. It was like art I could smell and physically interact with (and not get in trouble for doing so).

By some funny, yet awesome coincidence, one of my newest followers actually lives in Holland (I highly recommend checking out her blog; she has tons of  great pictures). You cannot imagine my surprise and delight to click on her blog and be greeted with pictures of Keukenhof Gardens. I loved looking at her photos, and I was surprised at how much I not only remembered, but how accurately some of my memories were. If you read this, Malou, thank you for the wonderful trip down memory lane!!! 🙂

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