Sewing Update

Well, after being sick in bed for two days, I finally finished my pajama bottoms!! They are super cute and suuuuuuuper cozy. Bad news on the the top I was making, though–it’s waaaaaay too big. And of course, it turned out beautifully. All the seams are great, I even got the seams for the sleeves to match up perfectly for the side seam. It was supposed to be a medium, but it’s more like a large/extra large. Kinda feels like I did all that work for nothing, but it turns out my mom can wear it so it’s not going to be unused. Still fairly disgruntled about it though. I’m debating making it allllllllll over again in the small, but I’m not sure that one would even fit me. Might have to scrap that top pattern and hunt for a new one. Unfortunately time is running out and I need to move on and start the island cover, which will be a trick since there’s no pattern to follow. Maybe I’ll buy all the stuff, cut it out then do it when I get back home.

To check out my finished bottoms, go here: If you’re wondering why I have a brand new Flickr account (if you even noticed since I’ve only posted one other link to the site), it’s because the other one froze me out and won’t let me back in so I decided it’d be easier to just start from scratch. I just hope this one won’t die on me. I’m running out of creative email and screen names!

I really did enjoy making the pajamas, and now I can’t wait to do the island cover. I’d sorta forgotten how fun, exciting and relaxing sewing could be. Except when it comes to hems. Or necklines for knits. That’s nerve wracking, tedious stuff.

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