So Many Patterns, Sew Little Time…

So I’m going back to Nebraska at the end of the month (as in like, 11 days from now), and I suddenly want to be a super crafty bunny and decide I can totally start three new projects and for extra fun finish one I started eons ago.

What can I say, when the craft bug hits you, it hits you hard! There is some reason for the sudden urge to craft, though. After lots of pondering, I finally decided I should bring my sewing machines back with me. It also helped that the friend who is driving me back home encouraged my choice and reminded me it was much smarter to have them there and ready to go than to leave them here.

Why I didn’t agree with this plan sooner so I could go dig out the pieces sooner, I don’t know. Earlier in the week, I’ve done a lot of digging to get to the machines and even more digging trying to find all the notions that I’ll need to take with me. I must admit our craft room got turned into an extra closet, making digging for what I need quite a challenge, but I think I found everything I needed.

And since I have the machines out, why not use them???? The only project I was planning to make was a cover for my lovely (and very expensive) kitchen island, but for those of you who love a fabric/craft store, you know what it’s like in there: your one project snowballs and turns into “Oh, that’d make the coolest _____!!”

Case in point: I found the world’s cutest flannel fabric, some old school Strawberry Shortcake and knew I had to do something with it.


My mom decided I should make pajamas, which is brilliant since I love a cozy pair of pajamas. Then I realized I didn’t have a top that would match, nor did I think the pj pattern I had was in decent enough shape to use again so it was off to find a new pattern, fabric for a top and all the notions. I even managed to find fabric for the island cover!

I did run into a huge complication yesterday which ultimately delayed my whole project. My mom was helping me lay out the pieces for the top; we went to place the front piece and I was short a good six inches. We refigured, repinned, remeasured, but no luck. Off to the fabric store we went, grumbling the whole way. When the lady cut the new piece she mentioned she noticed with all the new patterns, it seems you need to always buy extra yardage or you end up short. Not exactly what I wanted to hear, but excellent advice for the future. By the time we got back and the new piece had been washed, I was too tired to do much else. But, I got almost all of the unfun stuff done (laying out, pinning, cutting, marking) so I can really start sewing today.

However, while I was digging around in the craft room, I found a lovely shirt I started two years ago. It’s so cute and doesn’t need much to finish it up, but I wasn’t sure I could find the remaining pieces or if it’d even fit me. Surprisingly, I found the remaining pieces AND all the notions/instructions easily. Even more surprising, the shirt still fits (yaaaaaaaaaay!!), so now I have to finish it.


I have no idea if I can finish two tops, a pair of pajama pants and an island cover (which I’m making free hand since no pattern for such a thing exists) before I need to have everything packed up, but I’m sure gonna try, and I’ll post updates as I go.

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