Fun Times with Justin in MN

Actually, this story starts in Omaha with brekky at Jimmy’s Egg. Cheap and tasty! Here’s what we I got: a strawberry Belgian waffle with whipped cream and a ham steak. Oh, and orange juice.


After the lengthy ride, we made it to the hotel–which was very nice. Aaaaaaand they had free candy on the pillows!


After a quick trip to my house, we backtracked to MOA for sushi. Yes, I know there’s other places out there, but none like Tiger Sushi. Seriously, the scallop mango purses were to die for!!! To add to the awesomeness, they served it on cute yin-yang plates!


Justin got the chef’s special sushi platter:


We actually went to try out their amazing desserts, but wouldn’t you know, they were totally out of both!! To cheer up our sad, tired faces, the waitress set us up with a free fruit plate. Good grief, what a plate it was!!!!! Seriously, we woulda paid $10 for it. Why? Just look at it!!


After stuffing ourselves silly, we wandered the mall, including Nickelodeon Universe.

Gotta say, I miss Camp Snoopy, buuuuuuut…NU is pretty sweet too. Plus, there’s Nick characters to run around and hug! Who doesn’t love that?!


As you can imagine, I was pretty psyched to see this with my name on it. Didn’t buy it….maybe next time.

Then, we hit LEGO Land. They had totally remodeled it. Kinda nice since I’ve seen them since the mall opened, but I missed some of the old favorites. These murals made of all LEGO were pretty sweet, though. I’m amazed they can make such complicated things!


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