My Top 10 Summer To Do List

This topic was suggested by WordPress and it sounded like a fun one. Some of my list items came very easily, others not so much. I’ll even take it one step further and explain why! A special note to my guy: it’d be awesome if we could work some of them into our summer plans. Especially number one!! 😀

  1. Hit up Ted & Wally’s as often as possible and get a double scoop at least once
    -Okay, we’ve been to Ted & Wally’s multiple times already, but thanks to their delicious flavors that change daily, it’d be a crime not to try as many flavors as possible. Their scoops are huuuge; we’ve only gotten a double scoop once. I managed to finish mine, but ever since we’ve gotten the kiddie-sized cone.
  2. Attend one of the farmer’s markets
    -I loved the farmer’s market back in Minnesota, even if it wasn’t the big one so I’d love to see what Omaha has to offer. It’d be fun to try the one downtown at the Old Market, but trying to find a place to park would probably be a nightmare. I know they have some smaller ones that are just as good (including a gourmet one!) I think I’d like to hit instead.

  3. Have some tasty scallop purses with mango dipping sauce at Tiger Sushi
    -Well this one will be happening since I’ll be visiting Minnesota soon! Last time we (Mike, Justin and I) ate there, we fell in love with their tasty goodness. Especially those scallop purses. Yummy yum yum!

  4. Eat something at the Ikea cafe
    -I’ve only been to Ikea once and I’ve never been able to find time to eat at their cafe, which apparently has super tasty food for cheap.

  5. Bake some bread
    -I’ve only made bread a few times in my life, but since I’ve found some new recipes, I’d like to try some of them out. First up would be double-braided challah bread. If I got good at it, I’d love to freeze some to have on hand when I want some pain perdu!!

  6. Have a tasty meal with my button at Farmhouse Cafe and Bakery
    -Connected to the ever fabulous Mangelsen’s, I’ve heard great reviews of their large meals. I hear they have killer cinnamon rolls; I think it’s only fair to test them out.

  7. Slide down the slides at the Gene Leahy Mall
    -I saw them on our first visit to the Old Market, but they were under construction. Every time we’ve been back, it’s either been poor weather, too busy or we’ve simply forgotten. I think a better plan would be to hit the slide first, then hit up Ted & Wally’s. The long walk to T & W would be good for making number 1 on my list more likely.

  8. Catch a movie and a meal at the CineDine
    -What a great way to do dinner and a movie all in one shot! Plus it’s in the trendy Midtown area which would be fun to walk around and explore.

  9. Go fishing
    -I love to fish, but haven’t been able to go for the past couple of years. My best bet would probably be when we go to his brother’s lake since I wouldn’t need a license, but I’d be willing to pay for one. Too bad all my gear is at my Minnesota house!

  10. Finish a video game/hit a Gamerscore of 1,000+
    -I credit this one to my guy. He noticed my current score (889) and got all excited that I was so close to hitting 1,000. For you non-gamers, all Xbox games have achievements you can earn as well as a list of all the games you’ve completed. Sadly, I don’t have any games on that list. However, there are some super fun games out right now and some that will be coming out that I think I could actually max out and get all the achievements. My best bet would be if we owned a Kinect and I played Kinectamals or Fantastic Pets. Basically you interact/play with/feed/train an animal (cats or even a unicorn!!!!!!!!!) that responds to your movements. For those of you who know me well, you can imagine my excitement.

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