Monday Night RAW

I must say our adventure on Monday night was more of an adventure than I think any of us coulda imagined. First up, lemme apologize for the sorta bad pics, but when you think they were taken from my iPhone in the midst of signs, fans and others taking pics….Also, click on the pics to see the full captions and pics since they don’t wanna display well. For better pics and a rundown of who we saw and what happened, check out for results.

When we got to the Qwest Center, it was packed and we sorta managed to get lost/split up. Sam, Jon and I thought the best meet up spot would be the club lounge; it has lovely windows so we’d be able to spot Mike easily. Welllllll, I had given my ID to him to hold (I didn’t wanna deal with a purse at this sort of event) and I kinda needed it to get into the lounge. Actually, not really, but if I wanted to buy a drink drink  I needed a blue wristband.

Sam got hers and we are standing in front of the concierge-like lovely man trying to look for Jon and Mike and in our confusion half in the doorway. The man asked if I was really over 21, which I said “yes” to and then totally said I was a year younger than I was, but he must have taken pity on us/me and he gave me the blue 21 and over wristband.

Ahhh the coveted writstband and my ticket!

So once we were all back together, we headed down to our amazing seats!

The view from our seats

Yep, there were six rows of folding chairs then the actual seating began and we were in the first row. The first part of the show, from 7:15 to about 8:00 was pretty fun. I got to see Drew McIntyre, who was apparently hated by the majority of the crowd–despite his pretty hair and Scottish accent. Also got to see the “All-American American” Jack Swagger. I must say, he is a fabulous at being all proud and cocky and slightly obnoxious. I do wonder what his parents and mentors at college think of him giving up a job in finance to do this though!

The big screen where we could see all the magic. Actually I really wanted a pic of the lit up "W" by the stage/ramp.

Before the big match up started, Sam and Jon went to the bathroom. All of a sudden this guy with a wireless mic walks by and tells two people behind him that they can sit in their seats. Obviously we weren’t going to stand for that so we pointed out they were filled. Wireless mic guy chuckled and said they would leave when they got back. Apparently, it’s a very common thing to have people act as seat fillers so it looks good for the cameras. Who knew?!

I’ll be honest, it was annoying to have to let them out to let Sam and Jon back in. Aaaaaaaand it continued throughout the whole show! They weren’t always in our area, but how annoying! No one enjoys those people who get up in the middle of a show, especially at an event like this where events happen instantly. I’m not sure if the seat fillers are paid or if their reward is getting in free and to see the show, but bleh, not a job I’d want!

The big match of the night was between John Cena and R-Truth. Pretty sure 99 percent of the crowd came to see Cena. It’s impressive how the fans react and how fiercely they will defend “their guy.” When R-Truth called out Cena, the crowd was not happy at all. A lot of times I got a bigger kick out of watching the fans than the guys in the ring! But, the fans had to wait until the very end to see how that match would turn out….

The man of the hour, John Cena

We got to see CM Punk and Rey Mysterio duke it out which was fun stuff. I was glad to see CM Punk with cut hair versus his long scraggly ‘do. And, it was fun to see what Rey was wearing because he changes his outfits a lot.

CM Punk posing for the crowd

CM Punk fighting with the ref while Rey clings to the side of the ring

Punk flipping Rey

Rey in pain while the ref rushes over to help

Poor Rey...

When it was time for the headliner and the crowd finally got to see Cena, it was a deafening roar of cheers. And boos for R-Truth. In typical Cena fashion, he tossed his shirt and hat into the audience and wouldn’t you know, Sam caught Cena’s hat (much to the dismay of her fiance Jon)!!! I was thrilled for her since she’s not a fan of wrestling and this was really her first true experience.

Unfortunately, much to the horror (and that’s putting it mildly) of his fans, Cena ended up losing the match when he was beaten in the head by R-Truth and was counted out. I wish we had been allowed to record video/audio because the noise level of the Cena fans was insane.

Cena looking unamused

After his victory, R-Truth returned to the father and son he had met up with at the start of the show and all hell broke loose right in front of us. I’m beyond sad I didn’t catch him throwing a cup of water into the man’s face, but I got two shots before he did it. The looks on his face are priceless!

A very unhappy R-Truth

His anger fave look of his BTW

Obviously Cena couldn’t stand for such a travesty and came to the rescue of the family’s defense, but R-Truth had already fled. They hugged, had some moment with fans (whoo for high fives for the fans–including us) and it was a lovely end to RAW for TV viewers. Too bad for them, they missed some great stuff after the cameras stopped!!!

Cena smooths things over

Sam watching Cena. And yes, he was that close!

After all that chaos, The Miz, who had already had some fisticuffs of his own earlier in the eve decided to come out and cause more trouble. Now, I gotta say, despite being a troublemaker and a showoff, I kinda enjoy The Miz. Maybe because I saw him on “The Real World” before he became a wrestler (which was his goal in life BTW). Kudos to him for getting into the biz. Maybe it’s the fact that he’s so good at playing his character that there’s no way you can’t enjoy watching him interact with the others.

Anyway, after taunting the crowd and calling us names for all loving Cena, Cena beat him up and the fans were thrilled.

The Miz on the big screen

The Miz yelling at us

The Miz badmouthing us and Cena

The Miz about to be slammed down before Cena pulls off his famous finisher

Ah, Cena basking in the glory of his very happy fans

Sam poses with Cena's hat and Jon makes a sad face

I’m not a Cena fan myself, but to see him in person was fun. I never realized how big of a guy he was. I mean, some of them you see on TV and you can see they’re huuuuuuuuuuge, but he doesn’t look as big as he is in person. It was fun to see everyone so up close as well. I’ve been to a few events before, but the seats weren’t great. Sitting so close was a blast.

And, of course it was fun to see ourselves on the big screen. Thank goodness for my big green earrings or I’d never have been able to spot myself, or point myself out to my mom and aunt who tuned in to see us! 🙂 Sam and Jon DVR’d it too so we’ll probably head over to their house and check it out later. I caught a replay of our faces when R-Truth threw the water at the father. It was kinda……awkward.

Scripted or not, I gotta give all the guys and gals credit for what they do and how well they pull off their good guy/bad guy routines. They’re amazing athletes, and in some cases gymnasts who have more guts than I do! I’ve read stories about their injuries and I am amazed that their bodies survive as well and as long as they do.

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