LA Noire Part 2

Well, I am beyond thrilled–and I mean THRILLED to announce that I was correct in my theory on the Black Dahlia killer. I again chalk it up to the clues we were given and every detective series I’ve ever seen. Truthfully I’m not sure Mike had much faith in my deductions, or that we’d actually find out who the killer was, but I’m still pleased I was right.

Considering how it turned out, and no I won’t say for fear of spoiling for anyone who hasn’t played it yet, I’ve always wondered if that’s the way it really happened back then. It’s too bad all those ladies never got justice in real life though.

On happier notes, I think my favorite part about the game is you get to use your LAPD clout to “borrow” anyone’s car you choose. And ohhh, cars back then were so so cute too! I must confess my ultimate favorite vehicle has to be the Mayberry milk and cream truck. Not the most fun to drive, but it was cute and I like that better. Although the garbage truck was pretty funny, especially since his Ad Vice partner was mortified to be seen in it.

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