TV Babbling

As you read from my earlier post, I was all sorts of crushed that “The Chicago Code” was cancelled. I’m even more upset and bitter after seeing the finale last night.

I was glad we’d be getting some closure, but due to the awesome finale, I ended up with the opposite. Curse them and their fantastic writing! To add to the misery, the ratings were even higher and the episode is on iTune’s most downloaded list–and it is ahead of the very popular “Glee.” I’m still hoping some other network will take notice and rescue it. Creator Shawn Ryan even said if the ratings overseas were good enough, they’d make a second season so I’d be okay with that too. Especially since I have a tech savvy guy who could find them for me 🙂

In other depressing news, it was announced today that Christopher Meloni, AKA Stabler on “Law & Order: SVU” did not–yes, I said DID NOT–renew his contract for season 13. I’m pretty crushed by that fact, especially since Mariska will be cutting back her hours. I hope he’ll appear for a few eps so we can say goodbye instead of him just vanishing….I’ll miss the Benson/Stabler duo and their amazing chemistry a ton, but I’m still willing to give the program a chance. Many fans have said they won’t watch anymore. Let’s hope they’ll pick a great replacement because his role will be a tough one to fill.

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