LA Noire

So it really is like “Law & Order” in the 1940s. There’s crazy criminals, people who beat their wives, hit and runs and detectives in fancy suits.

The biggest case revolves around the unsolved real life Black Dahlia murders. You even get to sorta solve the case. I’ve already gleefully decided I think I know who the killer is based on all the stuff we’ve witnessed in the game.

And all my hours of watching various crime dramas. In all honestly, he wouldn’t have an achievement–and a SECRET achievement at that (as in you don’t know it exists until you’ve done it. Or cheated and looked it up)–without my help and my obsessive need for him to check out alleys and trashcans.

I’ll let you know if I’m right about the killer once we find him. Which I’m pretty sure I am. 🙂


The back of Cole Phelps, who you play as in the game.


Phelps running for his life as the building collapses

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