Back on Track…I hope

Oooooooookay, so it’s been like, over a month since my last post. I do feel  bad about that since I had intended to blog (I even snapped some pics!), but it seemed like life got busy and by the time I remembered my blog, it was either bedtime or I was nowhere near my computer. Yes, I do have the app on my phone, but I wasn’t sure I wanted to type lengthy posts that way (pretty sure the hand therapist would kill me). But, maybe I’ll do a better job of writing mini-posts from my phone instead.

Anyway, I’m hoping I’m back on track. Right now the “big” things would be gardening/landscaping, our ever-growing wildlife family, TV programs and L.A. Noire.

First up, let’s talk plants! We’ve really enjoyed seeing what’s still alive in our yard. I gotta say, I was shocked that anything survived. I think our favorite thing is the peonies. They’re huuuuuge and very lovely. We hoped to put some on the other side of the yard, but our neighbor informs us she special ordered them. I’ve looked all over online, but I can’t find a match. Our next big planting debate is over our window boxes. Every time we drive around now, I look to see who else has them and what they’ve put in them. But alas, I’m pretty sure we’re the only people in our neighborhood/surrounding area who have them. Now, we aren’t really plant people so I’ve spent a lot of time looking up flowers online. When that failed, I called home and my awesome mom and aunt pitched some ideas to me. I think I’ve kinda figured out what plants to look for; we’ll see how the search actually goes though!

Next up, our wildlife family, or as my mom lovingly calls them, my free pets. Except they’re not so free ’cause I feed them….A few weeks ago at the grocery store, they had a two pound bag of carrots on sale; let’s just say the bunnies have been very happy and well fed lately. I can’t tell you how many bunnies roam and lounge in our yard. We’ve even had two nests so far! I can’t tell you how cute the babies were soooo I’ll show you instead!!

It’s not the best pic in the world, but I didn’t want to scare them. The second nest was attacked by something and five of the six bunnies went missing. I know it’s part of nature and all, but it made me very, very sad. The last bunny survived and was either relocated by mom or was old enough to venture out on its own (I suspect this is the case based on how the nest looked the next day).

Besides the tons of bunnies, Batman, one of our squirrels, keeps us (mainly me) busy. She still peers in the screen door waiting to be fed. She’s pretty spoiled too; she now prefers cookies and graham crackers to plain old bread. Unless one of the birds (usually a crow, grackle or starling) tries to eat it, then she suddenly loves bread. Besides the greedy large black birds, we mainly have cute song birds and finches. The biggest surprise was getting to see an indigo bunting. Haven’t seen him again, but I’m hoping once we get more food out there he’ll reappear more often.

Topic #3: TV. It’s a rough time for networks and fans alike this week. Networks held their Up Fronts and announced what stays and what dies. It seems like all the good stuff is canned. And by “good stuff” I mean programs I really like/love. My biggest complain/sulky fest would be over “The Chicago Code.” It was honestly my replacement for losing “Law & Order.” I loved the characters and intricate storyline they had going. I’m very bummed there won’t be a second season, but I was glad to hear the last two episodes would not only be aired, but they’d give fans some closure. Honestly, that was my biggest complaint: I’d never find out if they took down their bad guy. I’m still sad it’s cancelled, but it stings a little less knowing I won’t be left wondering for weeks how it ended.

I am glad to see “Blue Bloods” will be back for another season. Yay for wrapping up the murder of Joe, but now I’m not sure what they’ll do next season. I’m sure they’re not out of material, but most programs–especially ones just starting out–leave that sort of thing for a cliffhanger. It’ll be interesting to see what they do next. Speaking of cop programs, I’m beyond giddy that “Law & Order: Criminal Intent” is back aaaaaaand the original lead actors are back. I seriously have missed Goren and Eames. They really do make the program. Suuuure, they didn’t explain very well how they both got their jobs back, but I’m totally willing to overlook that. There’s talk if this season (the tenth and supposed final season) pulls in the ratings, they’ll keep going. If they keep Goren and Eames, I’m all for it, otherwise it should end this season.

While we’re discussing the “Law & Order” franchise, I’d like to say huzzah for cancelling “Law & Order: Los Angeles.” I tried really really reeeeeeally hard to like that version, I really did. It was just awful. The revamp they did midway through the season didn’t make me wanna try again either. As for “SVU,” which is my favorite of the spin-offs, I’m loving this season, but am very unamused to hear about what’s happening next season. I’m thrilled that Mariska now has two children and I support her wanting to cut her workload to spend time with them; that’s how it should work. What I hate–and I mean HATE HATE–is the idea that they want to add Jennifer Love Hewitt as the new “filler” detective.

I’m sorry, I just can’t see the lady who played “The Ghost Whisperer” in her weird, frilly dresses running after perps who’ve committed various sex crimes. Most fans are against having her come onto the show, many citing it’s due to the fact she played a rape victim last season. I’m okay with them recycling actors since it’s sorta what “Law & Order” does (among others, we’d have no Det. Lennie Briscoe if they didn’t–I know, tough to imagine, right?!), but I just don’t think she’s the right fit for the group.

Let’s hope production/the writers give casting some more thought before they go with her. I fear if they pick JLH, the fanbase will pull a mutiny and that’ll be the end of “SVU.” Thankfully I’ll have many choices to dull the pain: Netflix streams the old eps of both “SVU” and “CI” and thanks to my awesome boyfriend, I have all 20 seasons of the original as well as the UK version standing by.

And, if you’re still with me (which I thank you for), we’re at our last topic. Which is sorta related to my love of cop dramas, but not. But kind of. The video game, L.A. Noire, comes out tomorrow. Normally I’m fairly excited for whatever game my guy will be playing next and I watch him roll through it, sometimes being helpful (“there’s a guy at the top of the stairs!”), sometimes being the opposite of helpful (“there’s a guy behi–never mind. So wait, what are those guys called again? Well, I’m renaming them ___”).

I like helping him not get shot and solving puzzly things (feel free to ask me about my awesome riddle solving skills in Batman: Arkham Asylum), but it’s very rare that being a watcher helps him much in games. That might totally change with this game: you play as a detective and work your way through the LAPD in the 1940s. Sure, there’s some shooting and fisticuffs, but the majority of the game is based on finding evidence and clues and chatting up your suspects. As he put it, it’s like “Law & Order” in the 1940s. Maybe all my hours of watching “Law & Order” in its various forms (as well as all the other crime programs) will finally pay off….

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