Springtime Baking Fun

My mom and I went to Lynn’s Cake and Candy Supply the other day….That’s kinda dangerous because they have the coolest stuff for baking and candy making around. It’s easy to spend at least $90 without meaning to. We really went so I could get some true yellow sprinkles…but somehow came home with more stuff.

They had the cutest Easter cookie cutter of a large bunny. My mom and I thought it’d be tons of  fun to make them for the neighbor kids before I left. But this meant we needed some extra frosting and such. Not a huge deal, right? Actually, I was impressed we left with so little.

Then it happened…………………………

Seriously, how can you resist a pan shaped like cute little bunnies? Aaaaaaand they’re whoopie pies, which are the “in thing” right now!! I really wanted it, but wasn’t going to buy it, but my mom twisted my arm (it really didn’t take much). I’ve never had–let alone made–a whoopie pie, but they didn’t look too hard. And they’re oh-so cute!!!

Unfortunately there’s never enough time in a weekend to get everything done.

We made some cupcakes to celebrate the puppies and my birthday (February, April and May). They were very impressed.

Indie hoped Pippin would share his piece...No such luck!

As for the Easter giveaways, we’re still in cookie base frosting stage. But they’re still very cute. In related news, the frostings we got at Lynn’s are SERIOUSLY tasty. I’m pretty sure I gave myself a sugar-induced coma last night. Anyway, we’ll let the frosting harden then finish them up tomorrow. I think I’ll be brave and try to make the pies too….I’d like the practice before I make them for Mike to take to work. I doubt they’d care–they’d think they were cute and tasty, but I’d still like to practice first!!!

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