Is It Spring Yet?!

Given today’s weather, I would say, yes, spring really is coming. The sun’s been out here in Minnesota and a lot of their snow has melted (but there’s still a ton left). I can’t wait until the weather isn’t so bleh. I’m kinda tired of being all bundled up in five layers. I am disappointed that I’m not in Nebraska right now though, because their weather is even nicer than ours. It’ll be interesting to see how “springy” it’ll be at the house when I get back.

The one appointment I was most worried about turned out to be good news, but not. My hands have been giving me tons of trouble lately and I feared that I was experiencing early signs of arthritis like a hand surgeon had predicted years ago. The occupational therapist I had reassured me it wasn’t arthritis (yet). My big problem is I have hyper flexibility in my hands/wrists/joints so everything has to work overtime to keep up. And, since all the tendons over all my knuckles pull and slip off (in case you hadn’t guessed, that is not normal) I have to pay super close attention to how I hold and grab items. I’m not supposed to do things like lift heavy items since it’ll stress them like a rubber band about to snap (his visual, not mine). He  gave me a ton of hand exercises to strengthen my muscles and gave me a list of instructions equally long of what not to do.

By typing this post, I’m breaking quite a few rules….But seriously, I can’t be a non-typing journalist (or in my case, a non-typing journalist wannabe). I also have to cut down on texting (that’s gonna be rough) and other activities to a certain degree. I’m even supposed to hold my forks et al differently. And, until I learn to do this, he suggested I use chubby, toddler silverware. Shockingly (or maybe not so shockingly, depending on how well you know me lol), I have a set already, but I might need another set. I think I’ll go with some Hello Kitty ones to match the Hello Kitty dishes I have. I basically have to retrain my hands how to do everything. I have noticed a little improvement already, but having to do the hand exercises is sorta killing them. Which he said would happen, but it kinda makes the pain even worse. So overall, huzzah I don’t have arthritis yet, but major downer I have to retrain my hands how to do almost everything.

I’ve been able to squeeze in a little fun in between the multiple appointments. My good friend Jill and I went and saw Rango. Super, super, super cute movie. I’m not sure most children (or some of the adults for that matter…) fully appreciated the little jokes or references, which is too bad. It’s totally worth going to see in a theater. My favorite characters were the mariachi owls. So cute and funny. And I’ll be totally honest, there were a few spots where I forgot for a few seconds that it was an animated feature because things looked so darn real.

In Nebraska-based news, Mike and his dad have been busy working on the house. The second bathroom vanity has been put in place and some of the closet doors are back on track. Okay, I’m sorry about that. I didn’t mean to turn that into a pun, but it’s too good to delete. Anyway. The kitchen is in the process of being painted blue. As of Wednesday, all the trim had been done.

I can’t wait to see what the kitchen will look like when it’s all snazzy blue!! I’m not looking forward to shelf papering all the drawers on the bottom, or putting away all that pantry stuff. I am looking forward to being able to make things like these horribly horribly cute Easter cookies!

These cute cutters are courtesy of my mom who found them at one of my favorite stores, Williams-Sonoma. I’m sure his coworkers will be quite happy to get a batch or two. My awesome mom also subscribed to Martha Stewart Living and decided I’d enjoy the magazine more than her. There’s many an item I’m planning to make from her as well. Like some sweet Christmas decorations. I’m sure you’ll see and hear more about those later 🙂

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