House Notes #3

Well, there’s been a lot happening at the house. I’ll give you a quick recap. At the moment, the house looks even more messy than normal because our living room is housing our new bathtub and shower surround, power tools and other odds and ends.

Since this picture has been taken (Monday, February 7), despite some setbacks, Mike and his dad have made quite a bit of progress in the bathroom. Some of the most notable setbacks have been discovering they used the wrong nails all over the house so they leave little bubbles in the wall. Poor Mike had already pounded them in and mudded over them after his dad had made the discovery so he had to go around with the correct nails, pound one in between the two bubbly spots and remud everything. He was very unamused. Apparently the tub and surround were a little tricky to get into place, but they got it sorted out. Painting started on Tuesday; as of Wednesday evening, the master bedroom had been done as well as the majority of the edging in the other rooms and some of the bathroom.

The first totally completed project was in the kitchen–I have a very snazzy new faucet!!!I love it; it has the sprayer built in. I will not tell you how much I’ve missed having a sprayer at the apartment! We are going to look for a nice soap dispenser to fill the extra hole.

I do wish the sink was in better shape…its a Kohler enamel-coated sink, but they obviously didn’t take care of it, didn’t know how to take care of it, or simply didn’t care, which is a shame. Especially since it took quite a lot of time and scrubbing to get it back to a usable condition, although you can still see/feel areas where the coating is very thin or totally gone. Check out the picture page for some better before and after shots.

Woooooooooooo, a new faucet and a shiny clean sink!!

Since I can’t go back until the paint smell has gone, I have to rely on Mike for new pictures. He’s usually so busy he doesn’t have time, or he forgets, but I hope to have some new shots or updates soon so check back often!

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