House Notes #1

Well, the first batch of pictures are up! They were taken on Tuesday Feb. 1, 2011. Since there wasn’t enough room to add notes or funny stories, I’ll add them here. And yes, I do realize there aren’t any pictures of the outside of the house–YET. It was just too darn crazy cold and windy to stand out there and get decent shots, but I’ll work on it, I promise. As well as better shots of the backyard. Our first day was quite an adventure–I’m not sure where to start! Guess I’ll pick up after we got the keys….

Mike’s dad went over on Monday to see what tools he needed to bring and whatnot, only to discover someone had stolen the kitchen faucet. Why, I don’t know. Well, maybe I do. It was fairly new and had a nice pull out sprayer attachment. It was a little tough to get it out, but still. One more thing to add to the list I guess!

The heat was turned on Tuesday morning before we arrived, but you couldn’t really tell until about the time we left. Even then, I was freezing. Mike and his dad went straight to work tearing out the tile in the bathroom. They worked really hard and managed to get all the tile off around the tub, some of the floor torn up and the sink/vanity torn up. There were some problems (of course): the floor proved to be more difficult to remove than his dad thought and he didn’t have all the right tools with him. They had actually glued the sink in on top of the vanity–another item to add to the “buy” list (as well as maybe a new vanity). We had planned to leave the tile around the sink as it was and just replace the few missing squares with tile from the bathtub area. Unfortunately, they must have put the tile in at two different times, which means they used two different batches. The colors were off just enough to look odd. We did get a laugh out the medicine cabinet from the 1950s and the super cute first aid kit we couldn’t access since we didn’t have the key. We jokingly said if anyone got hurt, they’d be out of luck!


While they were being busy (and kinda noisy) bees in the bathroom, I wandered around the house making notes and taking tons of pictures. Forgive me if you get bored looking at multiple shots of the same room/area, but I took them to help us decide how to paint, what furniture to put where, etc. Then, I turned my attention to the kitchen. The water wasn’t turned on yet so I couldn’t really do much cleaning. Also I was soooooooooooo cold I didn’t really want to have my hands in water. I had some exciting moments of my own though. I was sad to discover the oven was dirty, but happy to have an oven light again (which was short-lived because the bulb was burnt out). I am kinda excited that it’s built into the wall. I’ve seen them on cooking shows a lot. I think the first time was on Martha Stewart. Sure it’s not as classy and awesome as hers, but I’m still excited to try it out.

I was checking on the microwave and discovered the handle was busted, making it very awkward to use. The stovetop, which is circa 1960, had me sort of flummoxed as well. The burners are tiny and there’s an extra knob that says “4, 6, 8, griddle” on it. Apparently one of the burners can be pulled out and a griddle plate can be put in. Of course, they didn’t leave that. They did leave a garage door opener and a baby tooth–oh, yes, I did say baby tooth–in various drawers. Anyway, back to the stove….I’m hoping it still works. We turned one of the burners on and it got warm, but we’ll see how well it works. Not quite sure how to clean it either because it doesn’t have solid drip pans. They’re more like flimsy pie tins. Or better yet, like the bottom foil part of a Jiffy Pop bag.

But, the worst discovery of the day dealt with the cupboards/shelves/cabinets. They had put self adhesive shelf paper down. On alllllllll of  them. And it was old. And dirty. And very ugly. I didn’t really want to peel it off all the surfaces, but the more I looked it up online, the more I realized that wasn’t an option. I am sad to say I only got about five drawers done. I’m more disgruntled that there’s a gross sticky residue left behind so now I get to clean everything twice. It was at this moment I noticed one of the drawers was missing its hardware. Figures, since there’s 31 pieces of hardware…on the plus side, the hardware is kinda ugly so maybe it’s a blessing one of them is missing. Minus the whole having to buy 31 new handles aspect.

The shelf paper they chose to use

We did make some other big decisions, as well. We will be going with hardwood floors, but due to time constraints we won’t be able to get them refinished until later. After taking a closer look at the walls, we have to repaint more than just the weird red/pink/cranberry wall. He has no problems with the wall, but I do. So now it’s up to me to pick the paint colors; one neutral for the living room, hallway, bathroom, master bedroom and kitchen, then one for all the weird red area. We will not be painting the two other bedrooms at this time. The blue one with the stripes (A.K.A. the SpongeBob room for its light switch) will be our office area and the other blue room (A.K.A. the Care Bear room for the ceiling fan) will serve as the guest room. And, we’ve picked our accent color for the living room: blue! Not sure what shade yet, but I have some ideas now. But, as most people know, I’d be happy with almost any shade of blue 😀

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