Brekky Pockets Round 2, Or “They Sniff Good”

You know when bad grammar is used to describe something you’ve baked and it’s positive feedback, you’ve made a winner!

I made another batch of brekky pockets earlier this week and they were muuuuuuch better than the ones I made before. Sure, the first ones were quick since I used premade pizza dough, and I’m all for quick, but you only get four at a time so I continued my search for a cheaper, more effective way to make brekky pockets.

I finally decided to make the dough and found a winner: cream cheese pastry dough. I found this amazing recipe from Martha Stewart’s website (ohhh, I love her and her crafty ways!) and I will definitely be using it again and again!! It was soooo easy and tastes wonderful. Plus, I got 10 pockets per batch! I froze the majority of the pockets so we’re good for the next few weeks–at least for breakfast…I actually loved the recipe, I went out and bought the book, Mad Hungry by Lucinda Scala Quinn.

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