A Foodie At Heart, Not In Budget

I was so exited to see Food & Wine had a deal on a subscription so I signed up. Sure, I don’t drink wine, but that’s okay, I like to learn about food. And yes, I know F&W does the events in Aspen and South Beach (thanks Top Chef!), but I bet they have easy, tasty recipes too.

The February 2011 issues focuses on "simplifying your life"

Apparently F&W isn’t really a mag for me…it’s fun to read the latest trends, but they don’t fit my taste and more importantly my budget. The recipe on the cover, crisp chicken thighs, was something feasible (we might ignore the squash-raisin compute though).

I did love the “essentials list” page because I actually had many things on the list. I was shocked and I won’t lie, I was pretty excited. I didn’t have some of the spices or condiments (again, not for my/our tastes), but I did very well in the tools and cookware lists. I was only missing a pasta pot. I was pleased to see I owned the roasting pan (a Le Creuset) and the 12 inch All-Clad skillet.

My budget and taste buds might not be truly “foodie-worthy,” but I’m glad to know I have the equipment of one!!


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