Post A Week Challenge 2011–I Accept!!!

WordPress issued a challenge for 2011–post once a day all year or post once a week all year. Since I’m not exciting enough to post something every day, I thought I’d try for the once a week challenge. I think it’s a great way to keep the blog alive and give my writing skills a refresher course. To be honest, I started the blog so I could do my Bon Appetit Desserts recipe challenge reporting. What is the challenge, you ask?

I bought the brand new Bon Appetit Desserts cookbook in December. There’s 600 recipes in there. Mike said it’d be a miracle if I was able to make even a fourth of the ones listed. I of course scoffed and decided to accept this challenge!!! …I haven’t started it yet, but it’ll happen now that I have more of the necessary ingredients at home. Thank goodness for his coworkers being willing to eat things or this plan would never work!

The book is like the size of a dictionary...

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