First Post of 2011!

Well, I hope everyone had a fun and safe New Year’s! It seems odd that it’s already 2011 though. I still don’t understand where the last year went. Our New Year’s weekend was kinda dull, but we did play some Scott Pilgrim and then went to our favorite brekky/brunch joint, Le Peep. Ohh, the food there is soooooo good! I love the petite french toast with strawberries and a side of bacon and the Nutella crepes with strawberries. This time since we went at about noon, I opted for a burger with cheese. I’ll be honest here, I really ordered it for the crispy, spicy waffle fries. I never make it through my whole burger thanks to the fries. And the deli pickle spear.

Tonight we will be dining with our friend Jon since his lovely fiance, Sam, is at a cake decorating class. There will be Chipotle tasty magic to be had (beef like, three days in a row?! It’s unheard of here!!!!). I would bet we’ll be trying out the Kinect they got for Christmas, too. I’ll admit I’m not sure my old body can do it and the idea that everyone gets to watch me be the controller kind of freaks my shy self out a bit, but it sounds like fun. If I wanna wimp out, at least I have two horribly cute puppies to keep me busy. However, I could really use the exercise (I blame the holidays and all the tasty things I had access to). Let’s just hope none of us comes home with a Kinect-related injury. Hmmmmmmmmm…Maybe I better make sure we have enough Advil and ice just in case….I’ll give you a full report tomorrow. If I can move enough to type.

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