So Long, 2010…

Well, it’s almost time for 2010 to end. I’m gonna be totally honest, I have noooo idea where the year went. I’m still sort of in the mindset that I have a month off and then it’s back to school (I don’t miss the work, though!!). The year might have been unpredictable, but there’s always one thing you can count on…

Snow. Woo. Actually, we haven’t had as much as other parts of the country so I’m okay with how little we’ve gotten. It’ll be interesting to see how next year will turn out. We are ending our year in the dullest of ways–we have no plans. There were talks of doing things, but the weather probably ruined any options. I am pretty proud of myself though because I did a more thorough job of cleaning our apartment. Thank goodness it’s such a tiny place! At the same time, you can’t “hide” things behind doors so you really have to clean, not “clean.” I think it’s a great way to start the year though. Maybe I’ll be able to keep up with my mini cleaning schedule (thank you Dr. Tauer for making us work on something we have no motivation for).

I am a sucker for tradition so I’m spending my NYE doing one of my favorite things: watching as many episodes of “Law & Order” as I can cram into my day before he gets home at about 6. I’m sad to say I’ve almost plowed through the four seasons that were lovingly downloaded for me. That’s 91 episodes in case anyone was wondering.

And yes, Mom, I did rewatch even the ones I’ve seen a billion times.

Hope everyone has a safe New Year’s Eve and a blessed 2011!

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