Bacon Tortellini

When I saw the Everyday Food mag had a section focusing on the best recipes with bacon, you know I grabbed that off the rack in a heartbeat. Anyway, I was pretty excited to see a recipe featuring tortellini. We had purchased some earlier, but weren’t sure how to use it. I was pretty unamused when I saw none of my two quart baking dishes were broiler safe. I mean, I must own a handful of bakers and I still don’t own the correct thing. I took a chance and put it in my four quart Le Creuset covered dish. My spur of the moment purchase was a success and I was excited to use it for the first time.

The recipe called for four slices of bacon (it serves six), but that seemed skimpy so I doubled it.


In the end, we weren’t so impressed with the recipe. It wasn’t bad, but it was pretty rich and it lacked some extra flavor. I ended up doctoring the next bowl I had with some lemon juice (I hear chefs all the time say if it’s too rich, acid will balance it out) and a dash of curry and paprika. We also wondered if maybe the tortellini wasn’t the best quality.

The finished product: bacon tortellini topped with panko and parm

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