My First Christmas in Nebraska

The Durham's famous Christmas tree

The tree at the Durham

On the 24, we decided to go to the Durham to see their Christmas exhibit. The big draw is their huuuuuuuuge tree–it’s pretty spectacular. Must take a lot of work to keep a live tree that size in good shape for most of December. The building itself is beautiful though. Ahhh, art deco, how I love you…

The ceiling in the main entrance of the museum

We also enjoyed looking at the ethnic holiday trees exhibit, too. There were lots of cute ones, but I really liked the Scandinavian, German, Lithuanian and the Swedish trees the best. So neat to see what they use for decorations!

The German tree (complete with hidden pickle)


A nutcracker

There was an exhibit on dirt as well, but having taking a class on that in the early years of my college career, I didn’t take many pictures of it. I did take pictures of the dirt from Minnesota and Nebraska (how could I not?), but they’re not really much to look at so I won’t post them here since well, it’s just dirt.

While it was hard to be away from my family for Christmas (curse you crazy, crazy snowstorm!!!), I still had a very nice time here. We also spent Christmas day with his folks and will be attending the “big family Christmas” again tomorrow. And there will be steak…I’m super excited by this since he doesn’t eat beef so I rarely get to enjoy it. The two of us also spent part of Christmas morning watching one of our favorite Christmas specials, Olive, the Other Reindeer, a tradition I’m sure we’ll have for many years to come.

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  1. Buttons
    Dec 28, 2010 @ 13:28:44

    Love you!


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